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Solace membership is open to anyone who wants to build a strong career across the public service sector. Aspiring managers, including members of recognised graduate or management development schemes, and those working in related public-sector organisations can also enjoy membership. Whilst the vast majority of our members work in local government, some occupy senior positions in health and social care organisations, police and fire authorities and central government departments. We also welcome members who work within the public-service supply chain, who contribute powerful and stimulating insights.

We provide members with exceptional opportunities for professional development, and seek to influence debate around the future of public services to ensure that policy-making is informed by the experience and expertise of our members. The breadth and depth of our membership gives us a unique, strong and credible voice in the policy arena. Directed by our members, Solace seeks to influence the debate about the future of public services; ensure that national policy is based on robust evidence, shaped around the expertise of our members; and assist in effective local policy implementation.

Early Career Leader

If you’re in the first three years of your managerial leadership career within local government or the public sector, this is the perfect way to get the career advice and professional support you’ll need to lay excellent career foundations. Our online resources, events and extensive networks are aimed at boosting your career and creating a supportive professional network that will launch you onto a developmental fast-track.

Becoming a Solace Early Career
Leader is an important step on your leadership journey in local public services. And at just a pound a week, can you afford not to?

£50 a year

Established Leader

Improve your performance as a leader and manager. Established Leaders will have at least three years’ management experience within the sector (or its supply chain). This cohort also includes those who may have more years’ service, but who have recently decided that the time is right to take a step up to more visible, influential leadership.
Becoming a Solace Established Leader sends a clear message that you take personal development seriously, and that you value access to the latest
local government and leadership thinking. Now’s the time for you to take your place as part of a network of motivated professionals working across the sector.

£150 a year

Executive Leader

If you’re working within the top two tiers of your organisation, with
strategic accountability, becoming a Solace Executive Leader demonstrates an extensive level of experience
and ability. Join an extensive network of professionals who share your
insight into corporate leadership,
and who are able to work beyond tier and functional silos.

You will receive recognition for your experience within the sector which will help boost your future career. We’ll also support you to keep your knowledge fresh, your network current and encourage you to develop further.

£250 per year (Tier 2 Leader)
£350 per year (Tier 1 Leader)